Association Inspections

Association Inspections

If you are a member or manager of a Homeowner Association, please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding our full spectrum of services.

Full Reserve Study

  • A review of the Association’s documents to determine which components make up the common and limited common elements (Component Inventory) as well as their quantities.
  • A site visit to establish the current condition of all common elements in order to assign an estimated remaining useful life.
  • Preparation of a Full Reserve Study, which includes a physical and financial analysis, including a 20-30 year funding plan and a threshold-funding plan.

Enhanced Reserve Study

  • Peace of mind knowing the actual condition of all building systems.
  • A document to manage the physical property.
  • Ongoing local support from our licensed Professional Engineers.
  • Iterative funding options analysis.


  • Comprehensive Document Review
  • On-Site Reconciliation
  • Narrative Report of Transition
  • Punchlist Summary
  • Optional Resident Questionnaire